[Sections 241-A, 265-C, Cr.P.C.]
Mandatory Provision. Provisions of Section 251-A, Cr.P.C. are mandatory Trial is vitiated when these provisions are not complied with. 1971 P.Cr. LJ 264. The State v. Faiz Muhammad.
Copies of statements of all persons examined by the police are to be supplied to the accused whether cited as witnesses or not, 1969 P.Cr.LJ 568 Noor Muhammad .
Non-supply of statements of witnesses (u/S. 161, Cr.P.C.) in view of exhaustive, cross-examination, no prejudice cause, hence not necessary to recall the witness or order retrial. PLD 1979 SC 741 Z.A.Bhutto.
Non-supply of statements made to DSP by complainant. Supreme Court held, prejudice caused to the accused. High Court order set aside, and case remanded for cross-examination of the complainant after supplying the statements to the accused and giving him an opportunity to lead any defence evidence if necessary. 1985 SCMR 1442. Ghulam Muhammad.
Provision. Directory and not mandatory. Provision of copies under section 251-A, Cr.P.C. is directory and not mandatory. Non-compliance does not vitiate proceedings or trial unless accused is prejudiced by the omission. (DB) PLD 1968 Lah. 514 Abdur Rehman.
Supply of copies of statements other than u/Ss.. 161 and 164, Cr.P.C. may be allowed to the accused if the ends of justice so demand. PLJ 1988 SC 27. Naveed Asif.
Non-compliance with Sec. 265-C (d) & (2) Cr.P.C. Held, the provisions are mandatory and the non-compliance vitiates the trial. Case remanded for retrial. PLJ 1997 FSC 61, Mst. Nusrat Mai.
Copies of statements u/S. 161, Cr.P.C. to be given to the accused whether cited as witnesses or not, 7 days before trial. PLJ 1989 Cr.C. (Lah.) 56. Haq Nawaz etc.
Accused given copies of statements of 73 witnesses recorded during investigation whether u/S. 161, Cr.P.C. separately or in the bodies of the case diaries, u/S. 265-C, Cr.P.C. NLR 1989 Cr. 310. Khalid Pervaiz.