CM Fellowship Program



Her Excellency Maryam Nawaz Sharif, Chief Minister Punjab
The Government of Punjab has already launched Punjab Youth Internship Program (PYIT). Punjab Youth Internship Program, a massive project launched by Punjab Information Technology Board under the parasol of Government of the Punjab, has been specifically designed to inculcate creative and professional skills within youth of the province; thus increasing the work force of Punjab by providing better employment opportunities.
​Now under the visionary leadership of the Chief Minister Punjab, the Worthy Prosecutor General Punjab Syed Farhad Ali Shah has launched a Fellowship Program for final year law graduates in the Punjab Public Prosecution Department for providing them practical experience in field of law. 

Mission and Vision of The Worthy, Prosecutor General Punjab
Mr. Syed Farhad Ali Shah, the Worthy Prosecutor General Punjab has assumed charge of the Punjab Public Prosecution Department on December 10, 2023. From the beginning, he has been an advocate for Fair Prosecution. A fair prosecution is a prerequisite for the growth of a better society. The present legal education system does not offer any real-world experience. As a result, the generation that follows is still unfamiliar with the obligations and responsibilities of courts, prosecution, and police. The three pillars of the criminal justice system are the court, the prosecution and the police. As a nation, we must train the next generations of good judges, prosecutors and police officers. In this context an internship program in these domains must be undertaken. There aren't any internships available in this field right now. The first internship program in Public Prosecution has been launched by the Honorable Prosecutor General. Interns will have numerous opportunities to learn about the duties and responsibilities of the prosecution as well as the nature of public prosecutor’s work through this program. At last, we will have the capacity to educate the prosecutors for the next generation. In this way, a fair prosecution can be accomplished. He believes that young people with the best educational backgrounds and real-world experience can flourish in this legal system, much like oxygen does in a living being.  

Salient Features of the Program:
  • It is one month full time practical training program.
  • Each internee will have to undergo a practical training through an experienced prosecutor.
  • The internees will learn and understand the powers, duties and functions of the courts, Prosecution and Police.
  • The internee will have opportunities to work at levels of courts including Magisterial, Session and High Court.
  • The internees will interact with the Court, Police and Prosecution.
  • At the end of internship program, the successful internees will be awarded with experience certificates duly signed by the Worthy Prosecutor General Punjab.
  • There is zero tolerance policy in regard of attendance. 

Program Details:
After the initiation of this program, all Deans of universities and principals of law colleges in Punjab will be regularly asked for nominations of their good students in this program. These nominees will be separated by district wise. The Coordination Team of the Prosecutor General Office will write letters to the Deans and Principals in this regard. Thereafter, the Coordination Team will allocate the nominees to all district public prosecutors. The District Public Prosecutor will attach each nominee to one experienced public prosecutor. At the end of internship, the concerned public prosecutor will write an assessment report regarding the performance, punctuality and discipline of the internees. Thereafter, the successful internees will be awarded experience certificates duly signed by the Prosecutor General in an award ceremony.