In August 2005, Government of the Punjab created Public Criminal Prosecution Service to gather the prosecutorial functions in Punjab under one umbrella. The Punjab rules of business were amended accordingly. Punjab Criminal Prosecution Service (PCPS) was notified on 8th April 2006 by enactment of the Punjab Criminal Prosecution Service (Constitution, Functions and Powers) Act, 2006 and office of the Prosecutor General, Punjab was declared as attached department of Public Prosecution Department. The PCPS became functional in 2007 and the Prosecutors appointed in the service were inductees from Law Department and Police Service. New Prosecutors were also appointed on temporary basis as a stop gap arrangement till the arrival of selectees of Punjab Public Service Commission. Regular appointees to replace temporary appointees were appointed in three different phases during the year 2009 to 2011. The Punjab Criminal Prosecution Service is the Government Department responsible for prosecuting criminal cases investigated by the police in Punjab.

As the principal prosecuting authority in Punjab, we are responsible for:
  • Advising the police on cases for possible prosecution
  • Reviewing cases submitted by the police
  • Determining any charges in all but minor cases
  • Preparing cases for court
  • Presenting cases at court


Our mission is to develop Prosecution Service which is: 
  • Transparent, efficient, accountable and fearless
  • Confident and robust
  • Well-coordinated with all stakeholders of Criminal Justice System


In our vision we see a just society with transparent prosecution for the well being of public. Long awaited Code of Conduct for the Prosecutors of the Service has been issued and is in the field. Quite crucial, standard of Prosecutorial Decision Making has been issued as Prosecutor General Guidelines. Standard Operating Procedures on Police Prosecutor Cooperation have been jointly issued by the Prosecutor General Office and Office of the Inspector General Police, Punjab. Job Description and Job Flow Charts for the District Prosecutors have been issued along with the details of Record Registers and Reporting Pro formas. Training Modules for prosecutors at all tiers are being developed and the training programs would be the highlight feature of the current year. Other than capacity issues of the Prosecutors, steps have been taken to provide reliable work environment to every Prosecutor and their support staff. New Block for Prosecutor General Head Office is negotiated. Regional Offices and District Offices of the Service are directed to be shifted to congenial work premises and are being followed by the process for state-of-art automated building structures owned by the PCPS. Process of earmarking state land for the purpose is underway in the districts.