Our Functions

Prosecutor General is the head of the Prosecution Service. The Prosecution Service has the following functions:

  • The Prosecutor General shall have a right of representation and audience on behalf of the Government in all courts including the Supreme Court, the Federal Shariat Court and the High Court. 
  • The Prosecutor General or if so authorized by him, an Additional Prosecutor General shall distribute work to the Prosecutors in the Supreme Court, the High Court, the Federal Shariat Court or a Special Court established under any law for the time being in force.
  • The Prosecutor General shall submit an annual report of the Service to the Government within three months of the conclusion of the calendar year to which the report pertains:
    • Provided that the Government shall lay the report before the Provincial Assembly within two months of its receipt; and keep the Government informed about the performance of the Service
  • The Prosecutor General may issue general guidelines to the Prosecutors or officers responsible for investigation for effective and efficient prosecution
  • The Prosecutor General or the District Public Prosecutor may, refer to the authority, competent to initiate disciplinary proceedings under any law for the time being in force, to take disciplinary action against any public servant working in connection with investigation or prosecution, for any act committed by him and is prejudicial to the prosecution