Our Prosecutor Generals

Syed Farhad Ali Shah
10 December 2023
The Worthy Prosecutor General Punjab, Syed Farhad Ali Shah was born in a small town in the suburbs of district Sargodha in 1978. Sargodha is called as a city of “Shaheens of Ilama Iqbal”. The Shaheen, according to Iqbal, is a symbol of courage, strength, and determination. Mr. Syed Farhad Ali Shah belongs to a noble family of religious scholars and spiritual leaders. After completing his basic education, he obtained the degree of Bachelor of Arts from, the University of Punjab, a prestigious and traditional institution of Punjab. From his early childhood, he was cut to become a legal veteran because of his built-in tendencies towards  establishment of rule of law, protection of human rights and urge for justice. Therefore, he opted law as his professional career.  His intrinsic quest was set at rest when he completed his LLB in 2002 from Punjab University, Lahore. The longstanding aspiration was translated into reality when he embarked his journey as professional lawyer in the year 2003 and subsequently enrolled as an Advocate High Court in 2005. He pursued the legal profession so proactively and endeared the members of Bar out of sheer respect for the values of legal profession that the members of Lahore Bar Association bestowed the honour on him by electing him as their General Secretary (2011-2012). He was one of the youngest General Secretaries ever elected in the Lahore Bar Association, the largest Bar of the Asia. The love and trust of the honourable members of the Bars was further translated into his success as an elected member of Punjab Bar Council (2014-2021). He served the Punjab Bar Council for continuous seven years and he earned respect and reverence from the Bar. In token of love and respect from the Bars, he was elected as Chairman Executive Committee of the Punjab Bar Council w.e.f 2020 to 2021. He was determined to transform his knowledge and experience to the next generation, therefore, he remained visiting faculty member of various legal institutions including, University of Lahore, University of Punjab, Quid-e-Azam Law (QLC) college and many other prestigious legal institutions. After a remarkable journey of keen and conscious practice in High Court, he was enrolled as Advocate Supreme of Pakistan in 2020. After persistent diligence, proficiency, meticulousness, and continuous commitment towards profession of law that is expanded over more than a period of two decades, Syed Farhad Ali Shah, was appointed as the Prosecutor General Punjab on 11.12.2023 by the Government of Punjab.
  • Establishment of Prosecution Facilitation Centres at District and tehsil levels over the Punjab
  • Started the Chief Minister Fellowship program in the Punjab Public Prosecution Department
  • Created online attendance mechanism on WhatsApp
  • Initiated a comprehensive move towards making of service structure of the department 
  • Ambassador of the police-prosecution coordination
Reported Judgments 
  • PLD 2021 SC 886 (Shazaib Case)
  • PLD 2021 SC 799 (Ifftikhar case)
  • 2023 PCr.LJ 1156 (Muhammad Ramzan Case)
  • 2023 PCr.LJ 499 (Rao Ghulam Mustafa Case)
  • 2021 PCrLJ 1882 (Da Yong Wu Case)
  • 2021   PCrLJ  1232 (Hafiz Syed Muhammad Usman Case)
  • 2020 PLD 382 (Naveed Hussain Case)
  • 2019   YLR  626 (Muhammad Waseem @ Vicky Case)
  • 2017 MLD 494 (Samina Iram Case)
  • 2014 MLD 1137 (Saira Anjum Case)
  • 2013 PCr. LJ 1603 (Muhammad Aslam Hayat Case)
  • 2013 MLD 1561 (Muhammad Zahid Case)
  • 2006 MLD 1489 (Mrs. Naheed Rana case)
  • 2006 MLD 1407 (Liaqat Ali Case)
  • 2006 MLD 505 (Muhammad Ashiq @ Bhap Case)

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