[Section 4, Cr. P.C.]
Officer incharge of a Police Station, or S.H.O. i.e. Station House Officer. By a Judicial Notification No. 3 dated 31-1-1883 the Senior Constable present at any Police Station shall be deemed to be the officer incharge for the time being during the absence of the officer incharge. 12 Cr. LJ 190 K. Kavamdan.
"Present at the Police Station". In section 4, Cr.P.C. the words prepresent at the police station do not mean physically present at the station house, therefore, if a person is deputed to be incharge of a police station the fact that he was doing duty within the limits of his jurisdiction of the police station but outside the police station house, does not deprive him of the capacity as station house officer. 42 Mad. 446 Assan Alliar v. Masilamani.
S.H.O. bound to record F.I.R. detect, apprehend and bring offenders to justice. (FB) PLJ 1978 Cr.C. (Lah) 234 State v. Z.A. Bhutto PLD 1978 Lah. 523.
S.H.O. fined Rs. 3,000 as costs for interfering in a non-cognizable case. PLJ 1992 Lah. 97, Muhammad Nazir v. S.P. Lahore Cantt.