Responsibility of a judge. The presence of the defence counsel does not absolve Court from its primary and fundamental responsibility to ensure that all proper and necessary steps are taken to arrive at the truth. (D.B.) 48 Cr.LJ 412. Punia Goalan v. Emperor.
Judge not to sit as mere spectator. He is required actively to participate in the proceedings, with full consciousness what goes on the record. PLJ 1983 SC 271. State v. Habib-ur-Rehman.
Duty of Courts. Justice should not only be done but should be manifestly seen to be done. Interference in trial of a case by a minister. The case should be retried by a Magistrate even though the verdict was not the result of the interference. (FB) AIR 1943 Cal. 594 (b). R.C. Pollard v. Satya Gopal.
Disqualification of a judge (Cr.P.C. section 556). Mere suspicion of bias, even if not unreasonable, is not sufficient to disqualify a Judge from hearing a certain case. (SC) PLD 1976 SC 76 Islamic Republic of Pakistan v. Abdul Wali Khan.
Act of Court or officer of Court cannot be allowed to prejudice the case of the party. PLJ 1983 Cr.C. 199. Mst. Naseem Akhtar v. Ghulam Nabi etc.