Recovery proceedings conducted under section 103 Cr.P.C. by highly inimical and biased Magistrate and police officers. Testimony of such witnesses not relied upon. 1993 SCMR 2059, Arshed Zubairi.
Interested witness cannot be relied upon for recovery, Witness should be from locality. (DB) PLD Kar. 409 State v. Sajjad Ali Shah.
Recovery not witnessed by independent witnesses of locality, such evidence is to be excluded and no reliance to be placed on it. (DB) PLD 1988 Cr.C. (Kar.) 535 Muhammad Taj.
Disinterested witnesses of recovery present, yet only interested witnesses attested the memo. Recovery not relied upon. NLR 1988 Cr. 46 Khudadad.
Recovery of crime weapon by eye-witnesses who are inimical not relied upon. NLR 1988 Cr. 650 Bashir etc.
Recovery witnesses related but not inimical relied upon for the recovery of blood stained weapons of offence. NLR 1986 Cr. 701 Hassan etc.
Recovery witnesses close relatives of the deceased. and not inhabitants of the place wherefrom recoveries are made. Explanation by I.O. for not joining other persons of locality appear to be dubious. Recoveries of weapons being dubious, Ballistics Expert's report is of no help to prosecution. PLJ 1996 S.C. 434, Muhammad Ahmed.