Injuries on the accused more in number. The accused had 29 injuries whereas the complainant had 17 injuries. No independent witness produced although the incident was alleged to have been witnessed by many other persons; benefit of doubt given to the accused. 1976 P.Cr.LJ 948 Yousaf etc.
Injuries on accused in large number than injuries suffered by complainant party. Circumstances indicate that complainant party were first to open attack on accused. Right of private defence accepted. (DB) 1958 P.Cr.LJ 948 Abdul Ghani etc.
Self-suffered injuries; Simple injuries found on person, possibility of such injuries being self-inflicted or suffered cannot be altogether excluded. Such possibility, to be considered in the light of the number the nature, and the location of the injuries found and the circumstances of the case. (SC) 1971 SCMR 326 Haji Ahmad etc.
Injuries on accused large and grievous. Fact suppressed in F.I.R. P.Ws. trying to explain away injuries. Right of self-defence accepted. 1972 P. Cr. LJ 856 Muhammad Aslam v. Muhammad etc.
Injuries of 3 accused persons suppressed, reasonable possibility of the defence version being true cannot be excluded. Accused acquitted. PLJ 1991 Cr.C. (Lah.) 161 Murad Shah.
Injuries on the accused simple but not explained. Three injuries on the deceased individually fatal. Held, accused exceeded his right of private defence. 7 years' R.I. awarded, u/S. 304(1), PPC, (DB) PLD 1988 Lah. 643. Rehman.
Accused having a number of injuries including grievous on vital parts of the body. Eye-witnesses related and interested. Held, the accused had complete right of self-defence. (DB) 1976 P.Cr.LJ 287 Zohra etc.
Injuries on three accused not satisfactorily explained by the prosecution. Possibility of the accused having acted in self-defence not ruled out. Benefit of doubt given to the accused. 1976 P.Cr. LJ 276 Muhammad Dilnawaz etc.
Injuries on accused suppressed: Counter-version of accused receiving support from recoveries. Accused acquitted. 185 SCMR 1715. Nasir Ullah etc.
Injuries on the accused not mentioned in F.I.R., marked improvements on the statements before the police and in the Magistrate's Court about the injuries. Inherent improbabilities in the case. Acquittal of the accused not interfered with. (SC) PLD 1976 SC 518 Talib Hussain v. Fazal Hussain. PLJ 1976 SC 352.
Injuries on accused suppressed, held, prosecution story rendered highly doubtful. PLD 1985 Lah. 576. Jamshed.
Grievous injuries on accused. Medico-legal and X-ray report disclosing grievous hurt on accused. Prosecution failing to explain injuries. Defence pleading that injuries received in course of self-defence. Held, accused entitled to benefit of section 100 2ndly, P.P.C. (DB) PLD 1964 Lah. 177 Muhammad Khan etc.
Injuries on accused. Prevaricating statements by eye-witnesses suggesting suppression of the true facts regarding infliction of injuries on accused. No satisfactory, explanation, benefit of doubt given to the accused. (DB) 1971 P.Cr.LJ 1089 Ghaus Muhammad. 1974 P.Cr.LJ 130 Muhammad Aziz etc.
Complainant party suffering greater number of injuries does not relieve the prosecution of its initial act of aggression. Each side complaining that the other was the aggressor. Each party was held to be responsible for its own act. 1996 SCMR 112. Ramzan.
More injuries on complainant party. Occurrence due to sudden flaring up of fight between the parties. Merely because complainant party got worst of fight, it is not right to hold that the accused in the circumstances must have been the aggressors. (SC) 1971 SCMR 432 Hakim Ali (SC) 1972. SCMR 264 Muhammad v. Ghaus etc.
Prosecution's failure to explain injuries on the accused does not render evidence of P.Ws. unreliable. (DB) PLD 1960 Pesh. 9 State v. Amir Abdullah.
Injuries on accused not explained by prosecution, it does not per se affect its case with general doubt so as to entitle accused to acquittal. (SC) PLJ 1974 SC 25 State v. Rab Nawaz.
A minor injury on the accused not explained by P.Ws. does not reflect adversely on the prosecution. It was possible that the witnesses could not notice the injury during the scuffle. (SC) PLD 1975 SC 275 Abdul Rehman. PLJ 1975 SC 250.
Injuries by the police. The accused explained the injuries on him to have been inflicted by the police. Held, explanation believable. (DB) PLJ 1976 BJ 10 Sultan etc.
Inference that the accused was attacked first cannot be drawn from injuries alone. PLD 1977 SC 14 Siraj-ud-Din v. Misbahul Islam. PLJ 1977 SC 28.
Injuries on the accused not received in the encounter, as persistently asserted by them. Prosecution case in such circumstances in no way prejudiced by failure to provide explanation for injuries on person of accused. 1969 SCMR 889 Noor Muhammad v. Crown.
Injuries on the accused. Accused stating that he received the injuries not in the incident but in an accident, held, he could not invoke the principle laid down in Safdar Ali's case. PLD 1953 FC 93 = (SC) PLJ 1976 SC 421 Muhammad Afzal.
Not a corroborative item. Injuries on the accused are not a corroborative evidence about the participation in crime when the eye-witness had not indicated that the accused had sustained such injuries during the occurrence. (DB) PLD 1960 Lah. 1 Subhan Khan.
Injuries not a test of guilt. The rule "confirming" conviction of such accused who are injured is "too frequently applied to the detriment of justice". Injuries are not a final test of the guilt. (SC) PLD 1964 SC 177 Shahab Din.
Number of injuries and aggressor. Persons injured on both sides. Location. nature of arms used by accused and injuries received by complainant party showing that the accused were aggressors. Contention that the number of injuries received would not be true criterion to decide which party was aggressor, held, in circumstances not correct. PLJ 1977 SC 433. Muhammad Hussain Shah. PLD 1970 SC 548.