Police Surveillance under section 565, Cr.P.C for first offender is illegal. AIR 1934 Lah. 675 (1) Balkishan v. Emperor.
Only one conviction deos not justify opening history-sheet. PLJ 1982 Cr. C. (Kar.) 19 Badshah Khan.
Police Surveillance Register X is for habitual offenders only. (DB) PLJ 1969 Lah. 781 Malik Ghulam Rasul v. S.P.. Mianwali.
History-sheet; show-cause notice to habitual offenders: Proceedings under setction 107/151, Cr.P.C. and order under it is not a conviction for an offence and cannot be considered to make a person habitual offender. Solitary conviction cannot be considered to make person habitual offender. Show-cause notice is necessary for opening a history-sheet. (DB) PLD 1070 Lah. 569 Mian Mirjal Din v. S.S.P., Lahore. (DB) 1972 P.Cr.LJ 451 Mst. Ghulam Fatima v. Government of West Pakistan. (SC) PLD 1971 SC 55 Government of West Pakistan v. Muhammad Akhtar Mir.
No show-cause notice. History-sheet closed. (SC) PLD 1974 SC 31 Muhammad Afzal v. I.G. Police PLJ 1974 SC 70.
History-sheet writ filed after 19 years, held does not suffer from laches as it is a recurring cause. PLJ 1982 Cr.C. (Kar.) 19 Badshah Khan.
History sheet order set aside on the ground that the petitioner had been good character and conduct for the last 16 years. NLR 1989 Cr. 48. Nazar Muhammad v. S.H.O etc.
Homicide & Hurt, Qatl etc.