Recovery after 4 days of incident from house of accused not relied upon as the accused had ample time to dispose of the incriminating article and was not expected to have kept them at his house. 1985 SCMR 1573 Mujahid Hussain.
Crime weapon recovered 5 days after the arrest of the accused made the recovery doubtful. 1985 SCMR 160 Muhammad Taseen. PLJ 1985 SC. 28.
6 days after arrest blood-stained hatchet recovered. Delayed recovery of crime weapon on last day of remand. Six days after arrest of accused not relied on (DB) Cr. Appeal No. 338 of 1974 Murder Reference 99 of 1974. Lahore High Court, Kala Khan v. State. Unreported case.
Recovery of dagger and takwa 10 days after occurrence from the house of appellants where other members of the family also lived disbelieved. NLR 1984 Cr. 380 Jaber.
Recoveries made after long delay from a place accessible to every one from the house could not be used as corroborative evidence. 1991 SCMR 331. Arif Ali v. Muhammad Ramzan.
Knife recovered on last day of remand of accused cannot be disbelieved on this ground alone. NLR 1989 Cr. 348. Waqar Ahmed.
Blood-stained knife recovered after 13 days after the arrest of the accused and on the last day of his remand (17 days after the occurrence) from a cowdung heap, recovery witness a casual, chance and stray person. Probably blood-stains may not remain intact for detection of origin. Held, more positive evidence necessary for safe administration of justice. PLJ 1983 SC 237. Ahmad Hayat etc.
Recovery after 15 days of arrest of accused, of a firearm not believed. 1983 SCMR 958. Abdul Rehman.
Delay in recovery of crime weapon. Pistol and bullets recovered more than 24 hours after occurrence and place accessible to public. Recovery not believed. (DB) 1976 P.Cr.LJ 52. Lalan etc.
Recovery of blood-stained clothes and hatchet after 11 days of arrest of accused and witnessed by witnesses related to the accused not relied upon. PLJ 1987 Cr.C. (Lah.) 354. Walayat alias Waloo.
Weapon of offence recovered after 18 days of occurrence from under bedding of cot. No independent witness of recovery. Recovery disbelieved. (DB) PLJ 1987 Cr.C. (Lah.) 386. Akbar Masih etc.
Recovery of dagger after 7 days of arrest of the accused and after 22 days of occurrence, memo attested by interested witnesses. Recovery not relied upon NLR 1986 Cr. 967. Sajid Hussain.