When execution of death sentence is delayed it should be reduced from death to transportation for life. (DB) (1913) 21 Ind. Cas. 882(893) Autar Singh v. Emperor = XVII CWN 1213.
Two years' delay in execution of death sentence considered to be long time meriting reduction to transportation. (FC) PLD 1951 FC 142 Intizam Hussain. The petitioner advised to apply to the Government.
Delay in execution of death sentence. Death sentence imposed in June 1949. Crown's petition for revision presented after one year. Petitioner arrested in June 1948. "Thus, two years have elapsed since the arrest and I doubt if on the principle of precedents mentioned in 23/1/43 G.G. (P), dated 26th January, 1943 from the Secretary to the Governor-General. Public to the Home Secretary to Government, Punjab it would be right to hang them now". Sentence reduced to transportation. (DB) PLD 1952 Lah. 587 (600) Crown v. Habib Ullah.
31/2 years since crime committed. "Delay in disposal of criminal cases has now become a normal feature of the administration of criminal justice in the province" Death sentene not reduced. (SC) 1970 SCMR 288 Siddique.
31/2 years ago sentence of death passed, and all along, during pendeny of appeal convict had suffered from agony of death sentene. Held, no ground for commutation if sentene passed was a legal one. (SC) 1970 P Cr.LJ 987 Mohammad Aslam.
Delay in disposal of case is no ground for lesser punishment for murder, in the present state of work in the Courts of law. PLD 1983 SC 88. Kala.