[Sections 397-398, P.P.C.]
Lathi is not a deadly weapon: Lathi is not usually regarded as a deadly weapon (DB) 1968 P Cr.LJ 891 Fazalul Haq Kari etc.
Dang: Iron shod dang is ordinarily lethal. (SC) 1975 SCMR 500 Khalid etc.
Dang as weapon of offence likely to cause death, therefore a simple injury by dang was punishable u/S. 324, PPC. NLR 1985 Cr. 31 Mohammad Ramzan NLR 1985 Cr. 34 Mohammad Ibrahim.
Hatchets and lathis are ordinarily carried by persons in Sindh and cannot be termed as deadly weapons. 1980 PCr. LJ 836. State v. Shamo etc.
Mere carrying of deadly weapon while committing dacoity falls within the mischief of section 397. Section 397, is to be read with section 398, P.P.C. (SC) PLD 1963 SC 737. Ahmed.
Only persons armed with deadly weapons are guilty, under section 398. Section 34, P.P.C. is not applicable to section 398, P.P.C. PLD 1963 Lah. 371 Mohammad Nawaz PLJ 1977 Lah. 483, Mohammad Riaz. (DB) PLJ 1977 Kar. 552. Mohammad Amir.