To be specific. Deponent to state clearly facts which can be proved from his own knowledge and facts believed to be true on reasonable ground separately. Affidavit as `true to the best of knowledge and belief and information, without specifying exact portions, held, to be not in accordance with law and not acceptable. Charge of perjury on such vague contents, held, misconceived. 1971 P.Cr.LJ 1021 Manzoor Elahi v. Sh. Abu Bakar.
Affidavits attested by oath commissioners are not to be admitted in evidence without the makers of affidavits being confronted with them. PLJ 1985 Cr. C (Lah.) 278. State v. Saleem Khan.
Affidavits & statement u/S. 164, Cr. P.C. The affidavits permitted u/ss. 74, 526 & 539-A, Cr. P.C. cannot be considered as evidence without confronting its maker at trial statement u/S. 164, Cr. P.C. can be accepted subject to conditions laid down by Cr. P.C. PLD 1985 Lah. 345. State v. Saleem Khan.